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Genesis 1-11: Its Foundational Nature, Context, and Special Relevance for Israel

Genesis 1-11 is the introduction to the rest of the Bible.  In its original context, when it was first given in the Book of the Law, Genesis 1-11 introduced the nation Israel to their place in the world. When Moses … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why Genesis Matters

Jason Lisle, Why Genesis Matters: Christian Doctrine and the Creation Account (Dallas, TX: The Institute for Creation Research, 2012), 54pp.; also available for Amazon Kindle Reviewed by Doug Smith Astrophysicist Jason Lisle (Ph.D, University of Colorado; Director of Research at the Institute … Continue reading

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New Hermeneutics Class to Focus on Genesis 1-11

A new six-session, monthly class on hermeneutics (Bible study methods) is scheduled to begin on Saturday, February 23, at Fellowship Chapel, 201 Crockett Street, Bristol, Virginia.  Tri-Cities Area CAPS representative, Doug Smith, will lead the classes in a hands-on Bible … Continue reading

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