Study Tools

Below are some recommended study tools that our director and teachers have found helpful. We plan to update this page about once a month. The ones in bold are especially useful for our hermeneutics/homiletics track, which goes through the New Testament epistle of Philippians.

  • Blue Letter Bible – search multiple translations & access a number of study tools
  • E-sword – (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) – free Bible study software and free downloads of multiple translations (including KJV with Strong’s reference numbers), Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, and other reference tools and helps

e-Sword Home

Original Language to English Concordances

  • The Englishman’s Hebrew-English Concordance* (for free version, including .pdf download link, click here)
  • The Englishman’s Greek-English Concordance* (for free version, including .pdf download link,click here)

English Concordances

  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance*
  • Young’s Analytical Concordance (better organized for efficient word studies) 


Other Helpful Reference Works

Commentaries on Philippians

Exegetical Commentaries (This type of commentary may be consulted in the early stages of the study to help with historical and literary context, textual issues and meanings of words, etc.)

Other Commentaries (Expositional and homiletical commentaries should only be consulted after the preacher has done the hard work of locating the context of the passage and analyzing the text; exposing oneself to others’ comments too early in the study process can influence what one sees or does not see in the text, since it may hinder one from forming his own questions and doing his own research.)

* included free in the E-Sword program. The Englishman’s Hebrew/Greek-English Concordances are under the “KJC” tab

More Resources on…

Hermeneutics (Bible study methods)

Homiletics (preaching)

The Preacher’s Walk with God (including spiritual disciplines)

Theological Issues (these are helpful resources for researching the CAPS essay topics)

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

The Trinity

The Death of Christ

The Relationship of Faith to Works



Expository Preachers

Links to some nationally known preachers committed to expository preaching through books of the Bible (many have free .mp3 downloads of messages)

DISCLAIMER: The requirement or recommendation of resources, such as books, articles, and audio/video messages, in no way implies a full endorsement of the totality of the materials themselves or of all the views of their authors by the instructor, director, CAPS, Bancroft Gospel Ministry, or any church affiliated with these ministries.