Session 6: Illustrating the Message

Lecture Guide (please note that part of the assignment is to post five illustrations by commenting below; you may post one comment with all five illustrations or one for each one – it does not matter which way)


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1 Response to Session 6: Illustrating the Message

  1. Darrell Callebs says:

    1. Heb. 11:24-27 Moses also forsook his citizenship rights for the sake of Christ
    2. No reputation (Phil. 2:7) Christ emptied himself. Christ voluntarily laid aside his “rights” of being God without ever ceasing to be God. Reality TV show Undercover Boss – CEO voluntarily lays aside the exercise of his rights though he never cease to be the CEO.
    3. Phil. 3:20 – While engaged before being married, I still lived in Michigan (fiance in TN) and moved to TN before getting married. Even though I was resident of MI, all decisions I made were as if I were resident of TN even though I had never lived here
    4. Phil. 1:27 “stand fast with one mind striving together” as Roman soldiers linked shields to advance as one, protecting each other while advancing.
    5. Phil. 3:18-20 – See Rom. 8:5-11 We are able to live as citizens of heaven, and not after the flesh, because of the Spirit that dwells within us. Plus, it is the Spirit puts to death “mind[ing] earthly things.”

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