Links to additional resources

Links to more study tools are here, but the ones below are specifically mentioned in the lecture notes or lessons given for hermeneutics:

Mentioned in Class 1:

“Luther’s Instructions for Studying Theology as a Biblical Hermeneutical Model” by Robert L. Plummer

The Religious Life of Theological Students” by B. B. Warfield

Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus” by John Frame

“Who’s Robbing Whom? Some Thoughts on Pulpit Plagiarism”

Philippians “Wordle” from


  • E-sword – (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) – free Bible study software and free downloads of multiple translations (including KJV with Strong’s reference numbers), Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, and other reference tools and helps

e-Sword Home

Original Language to English Concordances

  • The Englishman’s Hebrew-English Concordance* (for free version, including .pdf download link, click here)
  • The Englishman’s Greek-English Concordance* (for free version, including .pdf download link,click here)
* included free in the E-Sword program. The Englishman’s Hebrew/Greek-English Concordances are under the “KJC” tab

English Concordances

  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance*
  • Young’s Analytical Concordance (better organized for efficient word studies) 

Other Helpful Reference Works

Mentioned in Class 2

Free mp3 audio:  “Three Ways God Spreads the Good News” – Acts 16:6-34 – Doug Smith

Free PDF file:  “Interpreting the Pauline Epistles” by Thomas R. Schreiner

Caveat about Fee / Stuart’ book

Resources for diagramming passages by arcing or tracing

Video on arcing/tracing (powerpoint with audio)

Workshop notes by Carey Hardy: “Expository Preaching – Turning Exegesis into Exposition”

Mentioned in Class 3

King James Dictionary – definitions of over 800 words in the KJV that are no longer used or have changed meaning in modern English

Resources on the KJV only controversy

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry:

Precept Austin:

Mentioned in Class 4

Link where one can purchase:  Daniel M. Doriani, Putting the Truth to Work: the Theory and Practice of Biblical Application

Link where one can purchase:  David Powlison, Seeing with New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition Through the Lens of Scripture

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation:

National Association of Nouthetic Counselors:

Mentioned in Class 5

Reflecting on 1 Samuel 17 – I would welcome any feedback here on how this text points to our fallen condition and the remedy in Christ.

Resources from Russell Moore on Preaching Christ from Every Text

Brian Vickers, “What Is Christ-Centered Hermeneutics?” (free mp3 audio)

Ligon Duncan example from Numbers 5:11-31 (free transcript or mp3 file available on this page)

Ligon Duncan, “Preaching from the Old Testament” (free mp3 download)

Sinclair Ferguson, “Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: Developing a Christ-Centred Instinct” (free PDF file)

Southern Seminary Magazine Spring 2008 (free – PDF file – several helpful articles on “Understanding Scripture in Light of Christ”)

Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching (purchase link for book; free homiletics lectures at this site)

Thomas R. Schreiner, “Preaching and Biblical Theology” (free PDF)

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DISCLAIMER: class instructor participates in WTS Books’ affiliate link program, although he has only provided links to books that he actually believes are useful.

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