Course Requirements

The CAPS Phase One course will be offered in 12 monthly sessions at Fellowship Chapel, 201 Crockett St., Bristol, Virginia.

Classes begin on Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. and meet monthly on the third Thursday of the month (except that there will be no class in December).

For the certificate, the student must attend the classes and read the required books. For the diploma, the student must meet all the requirements below.

I. Complete the Hermeneutics Course (Principles of Biblical Interpretation)

    This class deals with how to study the Bible inductively, discovering the meaning of the text for yourself. We start with observing and analyzing what is in the Scripture before moving to commentaries and other resources that interpret the Bible for you. The purpose of the class is to help you understand and apply the Bible. This class suitable for those desiring to grow in their personal Bible study and is foundational to preparing an expository sermon.
    Instructor: Doug Smith

II. Complete the Homiletics Course (The Art of Preaching)

    This class focuses on how to prepare and present an expository sermon – one that declares the point of the text under consideration.
    Instructor: Pastor Bryan Hall

III. Write 4 Essays (each three thousand or more words)

  1. The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture
  2. The Trinity (Majoring on the Deity of Christ)
  3. The Death of Christ (Covering subjects like Redemption, Reconciliation, Propitiation and Substitution)
  4. Salvation: a Balance of Faith & Works (Required reading: The Gospel According to Jesus, John MacArthur – recommended editions: 2008 or 1994)

IV. Read The Integrity Crisis by Warren W. Wiersbe

V. Preach a minimum of six (6) sermons in class (or speaking engagements in churches). We plan to provide students with DVD recordings of their messages, including feedback from the instructors and classmates.  For speaking engagements in churches, please give your instructors a DVD, CD, or access to an .mp3 recording of your sermon.

VI. Prepare a doctrinal statement with Scripture references (you may read others’ but do your own!)