CAPS has partnered with a number of churches in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, and Southwest West Virginia to train men in their congregations and area.  (In addition, our director has been involved with ministerial training overseas.)  There is some flexibility in scheduling the training. We have offered our training in a twelve month format, a six month format, and even a weekly format.

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Sample of Course Requirements

Applying to Study

If you are interested in the training offered by CAPS, please read our doctrinal statement and complete an application (links below). If you disagree with any area of the doctrinal statement and still wish to apply, please contact us to discuss the area of disagreement before completing the application. The doctrinal statement, while not addressing every area of theology and ministry, is our basic framework for the CAPS ministry.  There is no educational prerequisite or tuition fee to study with CAPS, however, a nominal fee may be charged for basic materials (covering the cost of handouts and binders, for example) and textbooks (or the student may purchase on his own).

CAPS Application (MS Word document)

Doctrinal Statement

Depending on how far along the class is, new students may be able to join a class already in progress. When we have sufficient interest and a host site, we may be able to offer the classes in your area. You may contact us using the information below.

Director Keith Walsworth
Address: 4299 Water’s Edge Road, Duffield, VA 24244
Phone: (276) 940-2782 (home) or (423) 343-0232 (mobile)

Tri-Cities Area Representative Doug Smith
Address: P. O. Box 16273, Bristol, VA 24209
Phone: (423) 302-0357