Ministry Spotlight:

Mark Lamprecht has set up a new online ministry to help churches fill vacant pulpits and to help supply preachers find opportunities to preach.  His website,, allows men to register by state of residence (in the United States of America).  Here’s more from the site’s description:

Pulpit Supply Preachers is a ministry that helps your local church fill her pulpit in times o f need. We help by connecting your church with preachers, from students to teachers to Evangelists, who desire and seek opportunities to preach.

Each pulpit supply candidate will attest they have support of their pastor(s) that they are qualified to preach. Candidates will also be male and come from an Evangelical theological tradition.

Candidates will affirm the statement of faith found on our about page. If you are a church in need of a preacher, a preacher in need of a pulpit, or have a general inquiry, please contact us to let us know how we can help.

If you’re a church in need of a supply preacher or a supply preacher looking for opportunities, check out the site, bookmark it or register here:

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Disciple of the Lord Jesus, husband, dad, student, teacher, preacher, media producer, blogger, writer. Author of Keeping the Faith in a Christian College. I tweet @dougsmith1977 .
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