Updates, Links, and Deals for 6/19/2014

Updates Links and Deals

How Much Should It Cost You to Preach a Sermon?

7 Pieces of Advice for Young Pastors

Expositional Imposters – sermons that fall short of Biblical standards; some of these are very common

Christianity and the New Liberalism: Homosexuality and the Evangelical Church


I (Doug) published two works this week on Amazon. Both are currently 99 cents for the Kindle version:

TrainiTraining_Pastors_in__Cover_for_Kindleng Pastors in the Local Church: Five Models of Theological Education is a booklet that examines mentoring, internships, partnering with other ministries, church-based seminaries, and traditional Bible colleges or seminaries as possible avenues for ministerial training in the context of the local church. This booklet challenges pastors, churches, and ministers-in-training to think through the advantages and disadvantages of the various options, in hopes of advancing more active efforts to provide and take advantage of theological education through the local church.

Available as: Amazon Kindle eBook  Amazon (paperback) (Kindle Version free through the Kindle Matchbook program if you buy paperback from Amazon) CreateSpace (paperback

PulpitSupplyHandbookBookCoverPulpit Supply Handbook, 99 cents for Kindle (introductory price) DESCRIPTION:  This book addresses some common theological and practical questions faced by supply preachers and pastors.  Chapters include a discussion of the call to preach, training options, how to study and prepare sermons, finding opportunities, pulpit plagiarism, questions to ask a church, reporting income, and staying close to God through the biblical spiritual disciplines.  Readers will also walk through the sermon preparation process with a sample text.  The book includes several detailed lists and charts to help the supply preacher think through and plan for preaching opportunities, as well as recommended resources for further study.  Click here for more information. Taste and See: an Invitation to Read the Bible (FREE for Kindle, not sure how long; sounds like it might be a good intro to Bible study)

Five Thing Every Christian Needs to Grow, by R. C. Sproul, The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts is FREE in multiple electronic formats this month, from Ligonier Ministries.


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