Free Download: Sermon Log Template

Free DownloadA sermon log can be a great tool to help keep track of one’s preaching history and income for accurate reporting for the next tax year.  It basically consists of a record, based on a given year, of the dates, locations, mileage, and honorarium for a given preaching appointment.

There are many ways to do this (including an Excel spreadsheet, mobile note taking apps, etc.), but it definitely should be done.  Keeping a sermon log will help you vary your preaching if you have frequent appointments with the same congregation (including avoiding inadvertently re-preaching a sermon).  The sermon log will also make it easy to add up your honorarium income and mileage so you can report this on your income tax return (schedule C).  Whatever way you choose to do it, just make sure to keep track of your appointments and the specifics so you do not forget them!

Feel free to share, copy, or modify the following as you see fit (but we would appreciate it if you tell folks where you got it from, if anyone asks).

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