Updates, Links, and Deals for 2/10/2014

Some Thoughts on the Nye/Ham DebateUpdates Links and Deals

Here are three articles about the debate worth reading.  They are here in order from longest to shortest.

Dr. Albert Mohler’s review and analysis (from the front row)

Pastor Rick Phillips on 3 lessons from the debate

How Nye committed the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Sadly, this is a common approach to dealing with other positions, but it doesn’t actually prove one’s point.


I can’t recommend this article on hermeneutics enough.  If we accept a view that the Bible teaches “spiritual truth” but not “history,” we embark on a dangerous path and depart from the view of Jesus and the apostles.  The article could also be called “The Defection of a Seminary Professor”:  “Crawford Howell Toy and the Weight of Hermeneutics


A couple of articles to remind preachers to do the hard, but valuable work required behind the scenes to preach a real sermon.

“Don’t Outsource Your Sermon Prep”

“Who’s Robbing Whom?” From the archives here. Plagiarizing others’ sermons is a crime that has some surprising victims.


Michael Lawrence’s Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church is free this month for those who have a Logos account.

R. C. Sproul, The Prayer of the Lord is free this month for Kindle.

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