Studying and Preaching the Bible in the Digital Age (Part 3 of 4): Resources for Studying the Bible

Bible Digital AgeThis is part 3 of a 4 part series. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.


E-Sword – Free Bible study program including many free add-ons, such as lexicons, dictionaries, etc.; some add-ons and translations are not free; there is also an iPad version ($5)

Glo  includes a variety of helpful resources including then and now Bible maps and photography (lite version, free; premium, $50 – includes cross platform access on up to five devices including PC and iPad with Android support coming)

Touch Bible Loaded (Android app)

ESV Study Bible app (iOS – $15)

HCSB Study Bible app (iOS – $10) – one helpful feature of this app is that it will allow you to replace the HCSB translation with other Bible translations if you prefer

You can also find the ESV Study Bible, HCSB Study Bible, and the MacArthur Study Bible, as well as many other Bible study resources (some for free) in the Kindle store (and then access them on computer, Kindle, iOS, or Android devices)  Google Books (Android app) (iOS) also has many helpful Bible study resources (some for free).


Logos  (Android)  (iPad)  (iPhone) – cross platform Bible study resources. Your Logos library syncs across your computer and mobile devices. (Also works with software from Logos’s subsidiary, Libronix)  The Logos cloud concept has been very helpful, as those who used to have to reinstall their resources from scratch every time they obtained a new computer can testify.  –  “graphical exegesis” – at this website, you can learn to “arc,” a method of diagramming a Bible passage that helps you trace the flow of thought and see the main point  Biblearc iPad app   Bible Arcer  Android app

Grace to You  – John MacArthur’s ministry. Many free sermons, articles, etc.

Precept Austin  – a wealth of material for Bible study

Even more online resources are listed at

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