Studying and Preaching the Bible in the Digital Age (Part 2 of 4): Resources for Spiritual Disciplines

Bible Digital AgeThis is part 2 of a 4 part series. Part 1 is here.

Here are some recommended resources for help practicing the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, Bible memorization, prayer, and journaling.  The idea of the list is to share resources that you can selectively use (not to make you think you have to use all of these).

All apps and programs are free unless otherwise noted.  All apps have access to multiple translations unless otherwise noted.


e-sword (PC version has tools for Scripture memory and prayer lists as well as Bible reading; only select translations are free)

Bible Reading
The Bible App by YouVersion  web   Android   iOS
Olive Tree Bible Reader   Android   iOS   (KJV free, pay for other versions)

Bible Memorization
Bible Minded lets you choose verses to memorize whereas the other two have pre-selected lists.

Bible Minded (ABS)   Android  iOS
Topical Memory System Android   iOS
Fighter Verses   Android ($2.99)   iOS ($.2.99)  (ESV & NIV)

Prayer & Journaling
The following are apps that can be used to keep track of prayer lists and to journal on the computer (or to store pictures of written journals or other files)

Prayermate    Android   iOS

Evernote    web   Android  iOS  (file storage, sync & share & more)
Google Drive    web  Android  iOS  (file storage, sync & share & more)
Penzu  web   Android  iOS (basic is free, but there are paid upgrades available)

Coming Up…

Next week we hope to look at resources useful for intensive Bible study.  If you have any, please send them to us via the contact form below.  (These lists can be updated in the future after they are published as well.)

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