Upcoming Class: Spiritual Disciplines in Bristol, October 20

We plan to begin our new spiritual disciplines class at Fellowship Chapel in Bristol, Virginia, on October 20.
Class will meet from 7-9 pm and will have four total sessions on the following dates:
  • Thursday, Oct 20
  • Thursday, Nov 3
  • Thursday, Nov 10
  • Thursday, Nov 17
There is no tuition fee for the class, but there will be:
  • a nominal fee to cover the cost for producing notebooks with all handouts ready to go ($10 or less; I will let you know once I get the cost)
  • a textbook that you should obtain in advance of the class, if you do not already have it:  Donald S. Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
  • an ongoing journaling assignment.  To fully participate in this class, you will need to journal at least twice a week.  More instruction about journaling will be given in the first class, but I think you will find this a very helpful exercise if you have never done it before.  You may use any method you like for journaling:  a spiral notebook, a journaling notebook, loose-leaf notebook papers, computer, etc.

Here are the topics for the upcoming class on spiritual disciplines:

October 20

  • Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines
  • Journaling
  • Bible Intake (Reading, Meditating, Memorizing)

November 3

  • Prayer (Basics, Praying Scripture)
  • Fasting

November 10

  • Family Worship
  • Personal Evangelism

November 17

  • Class Testimonies
  • Persevering in the Disciplines
Please let me know if you are interested in this class and have not already been in touch with me.

About dougsmith1977

Disciple of the Lord Jesus, husband, dad, student, teacher, preacher, media producer, blogger, writer. Author of Keeping the Faith in a Christian College. I tweet @dougsmith1977 .
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