Quick Guide to Sermon Preparation

Dr. Hershael York, pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort and preaching professor at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, presented a helpful one-session workshop on sermon preparation in the midst of the 2007 Power in the Pulpit Conference. You can listen to or download the audio here (for free): A Sermon Preparation Checklist

Below are the basic steps Dr. York takes the audience through. This is a good refresher for experienced preachers and a good basic training session for those starting out. I hope you find it useful.

“Sermon Preparation Checklist” by Dr. Hershael W. York, 2007 Power in the Pulpit Conference

1. Read the text

2. Determine the parameters of the “preaching unit”

3. Trace the Argument/Narrative in the Text in a descriptive outline

4. Identify the Main Theme

5. Move from main theme to proposition

Note: The proposition must be applicational and NOT merely descriptive. In other words, what should the listener DO as a result of the truth revealed in the text?

6. Restate the points of the argument/narrative in applicational form

7. Fill in explanatory subpoints that arise from the text

8. Add appropriate SHARP ingredients (stories, humor, analogies, references, and pictures)

9. Write out transitional sentences

10. Develop the introduction that accomplishes 6 things:
  • Establish a rapport
  • Introduce the subject
  • Create interest
  • Set up and read the text
  • State the proposition
  • Transition into the body of the sermon
11. Develop the conclusion


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